How to Create The Life You Want in 1 Year

Friday 13 May 2022

We all want to be successful in our lives and live the life we want, but we think that living that life will be very hard or that achieving what we want will be very hard. But, you know I want to ask you a simple question, Do you really want to live the life you want? 

If the answer is "YES'', then you should not be thinking about any negativity which creates hurdles in your way, also everything is available in this world, we have to work hard to get what we want. I also want to achieve many things in my life. I also want to be successful and I know I can change my life, and if I can change my life so you can. 

How to create the life you want in 1 year

But before knowing the ways to change our life in 1 year, let's answer some of your common questions. 

Q1) Can we really create our desired life in 1 year?

The answer to this question is "YES". Yes, you can create the life you want in 1 year. You have to do a lot of hard work. You have to be consistent in your efforts. You have to try everything which will help you in achieving your goal. If you are dedicated to your goal and constantly making new efforts, you can definitely achieve what you want and everything is possible in 1 year.

The tricky part in creating the life we want is connecting the dots between what we want and how to achieve those things. If you know how to do that you can create the life you want. But if you don't, then don't worry because by the end of this article you will know it. 

Q2) How will your life be different in 1 year?

Yes, changes occur in your life in a year, the only thing which matters the most is, how hard you have tried to achieve your goals, and that efforts also make a difference in your life. You can experience a change in your mindset, and you become more hardworking than before. Your personality changes in 1 year, and the important thing is you can achieve what you want in 1 year, whether it is related to finance, health, family, or relationships.

Q3) Is there any formula to create the life we want?

No formula can help you create the life you want, but you have one thing which can help you create your life according to you and that is your mind. You know we each are very powerful than we think. We all can create the life we want, we just have to learn how to do it. 

And I am here to help you in discovering how to create your life according to you in 1 year. But before moving to the ways of how to create the life we want, we need to remember some points and start implementing these points into our life. You have to make these points into your habits so that you can change your life.

Points to Focus on:

1) Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life

You have to take no less than 100% responsibility for your life. Whatever is happening in your life, you are responsible for that. And if you can take responsibility, then you don't make excuses. If have to be successful in your life, you have to take responsibility for your actions. When you take responsibility for your actions, you are not making anyone responsible. 

The real truth is that you are the only person who is responsible for the quality of life you live. You have complete control of the quality of life you live. Successful people always take full responsibility for their thoughts, the actions they take, and the things they visualize. They never waste their energy blaming others and excusing others for the outcomes they get. To create the life you want, you should take the risk and face the uncomfortable.

2) Find Your Purpose

Everyone who is born here does have a purpose in their life. God has written something good in our life. The only thing we have to do is to find out our life purpose. Honoring that purpose is the most important action of our life.

Find your purpose

Sit back and relax, take your time to understand why you are here, and when you are clear about your purpose, then pursue that purpose with passion and enthusiasm.

But if you are not clear about what you'll be doing, then you can look toward others for help and guidance. But don't forget to focus on your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Whatever you think is your purpose write it down on a piece of paper and then analyze it. I am 100% sure that you will be amazed at the end.

You can also find your purpose by asking yourself questions. Some examples are:

Q1) What did you love doing as a child?
Q2) What are you afraid of?
Q3) What makes you angry or happy?
Q4) What would you do if it is not about money?

These ideas will help you to gain some insights into your purpose.

3) Find Your Happiness

I believe that if you live happily, you are open to attracting positive things in your life. You can spend time with your family, friends, or with your loved ones. They help you to live a happy life and guide you to find your happiness. Finding happiness means doing things that make you happy, it may be painting, singing, spending time with family, or anything that makes you happy.

If you live your life happily, you will not sense stress and negativity in your life.

4) Set Long term Goals

Long-term goals start with aspirations and hope but they turn into reality when you start taking action. Long-term goals mean goals you hold deep into your heart. You should set your long-term goals, which may be related to your career, maybe financial goals, or traveling the world.

At present they may seem out of your reach but with time, effort, and proper planning you can achieve them. At the time of setting goals for yourself, you should focus on these 2 steps:

a) SMART goals

Your goals should have to be SMART.

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Relevant
T - Time-Bound

How to set SMART goals

They mean that your goals should be specific and can be measured in a particular time and can be achieved. You should also focus on KPIs, which is the second point that you'll be focusing on while setting your goals.

b) Setting KPIs

KPI refers to the Key Performance Indicators which will help you to keep on the right track. These are the metrics that help you to evaluate your actions and help you to succeed. If you do not have performance metrics then you can not analyze your performance. So if you are setting goals for yourself, then also set KPIs for these goals.

5) Believe

You have to believe in 2 things. Both are very important if you want to change your life in one year. Let us know about those 2 things which you have to believe.

a) Believe it is possible

The mind is a powerful instrument, it can deliver everything you want. But you have to believe what you want is possible. Start to envision that you already have what you want, and when you are doing this, you actually are attracting that thing to yourself. I do believe in the Law of Attraction, but if you don't, then also you should believe that what you want is possible and by that, you are motivating yourself to achieve what you want.

b) Believe in yourself

You always have to believe in yourself. You can do anything you want. You are the ultimate creator of your own life. You can achieve anything you have dreamt of. The only thing that makes this happen is you believe in yourself. Nobody can stop you from achieving what you want. 

6) Stay Focused

You have to stay focused on what you want. Don't listen or worry about what others are going to say or think. They are doing their work so as you do. Thinking about others and what they will think about us, kill our productivity by many times, So it is very well recommended to not worry about them. You are doing hard work for yourself, but not for them. 

Follow these 3 things if you want to be focused on your goals. 

a) Set Priorities

Setting your priorities will help you a lot in your life. You know what are your main tasks. You will not waste your time on other things. So set priorities for your career. 

b) Say "NO"

Consider saying NO to people when you are not willing to do something or if you are not interested in that thing, because if you don't deny them they are gonna use you for their benefit and you will be losing so much of your precious time. 

c) Avoid Multi-tasking

Being multi-tasking increases the output of our work, the thing on which we don't focus is that being a multi-tasker reduces our productivity. We get more output but the quality of that work will not be up to the mark. And you have to focus on the quality of work, not the quantity. 

7) Change Your Behaviour

You have to develop a winning mindset, which means you have to change your behavior from negativity to positivity and believe that you can do what you want.

Change your overall lifestyle, start behaving like you already have what you want, and feel that enthusiasm, I can bet you will become happier in your life. Start seeing things from a positive aspect. Try to find good in them. Behavior change also means to change in talking style, dressing style, and everything that can improve your personality. 

8) Forget the Past

This is the important thing to focus on because most people always stick to their past and don't want to move on and that is the thing that hurts them the most in every aspect of life whether it is related to health, family, friends, finances, anything. 

You can not change your past but you can change your future, so forget about what happened in your past and start focusing on your present so you can improve your future. 

9) Kill Negativities

You have to remove negativities from your life because they affect your life a lot and also your motivation toward your goal. So, remove all those negativities. Here is the list of some of the most popular negativities.

How to kill negativity around us

a) Perfectionism

Nobody is born perfect in this world and you have to learn this thing, so don't try to be perfect all the time. Start doing your work and don't focus on whether you will be doing it perfectly or not, you may not be perfect at starting but in the end, you will do your work according to your desires.

b) Self Judgement

Stop judging yourself to others and others to yourself, every person has some unique qualities. If you are good at something and others are not, so don't judge them because it may happen that they will be good at something else but you are not. Also judging yourself from others decreases your motivation.

c) Self Doubt

Stop doubting yourself about whether you can do something or not, instead believe in yourself that you can do whatever you want. Self-doubt never lets you start working towards your goals as you always keep thinking about it as you can not do it.

d) Assuming that the worst will happen

Stop assuming about the result, the thing you will be focusing on that how you can make it happen. If you are assuming wrong things then wrong things will happen to you, so stop assuming about the worst.

e) Worrying and Complaining

The only thing that is important to achieve what we want is to work towards our goals, forgetting about the problems. If we are doing good we will definitely get what we desire. Also worrying will not change the result until we take it too seriously and stop working, And we are the only one who is responsible for whatever is happening in our life so we also have to stop complaining about the problem in our life, instead of complaining and worrying, the thing we should be focusing on is that how we can fulfill our dreams.

10) Be Grateful and Patient

You have to be patient in your life, nothing comes so fast in someone's life. everything takes its time, so don't get demotivated if you do not see any results. You may achieve them later. Also always be grateful to God for whatever you have in life, whether it is food, family, health, money, or anything. You have to show some gratitude to God for giving you what you want. This is the most essential point on which we all have to focus more.

How can I create the life I want in 1 Year?

Now that you know about the most crucial things you should be focusing on, so I can tell you the ways by which you can create the life you want. These ways are just the source by which you can get what you want, but they also require your dedication towards your goals. If you are not dedicated to what you want, you can not achieve what you want.

7 steps to create the life you want in 1 year.

You can not change your destination overnight, but you can change your destination by these ways : 

1) Create A System Or Routine

When we design a routine and stick to it, there is no room for forgetfulness and neglect. We know that we will complete what is important and not spend time and effort on frivolous things. When you are creating a routine, you are telling your brain to do those things regularly which will help you in achieving your goals early because you will complete your work on time. 

Also, create an Audit routine to check your work. Auditing your work will let you know what are the things that need some attention and what are the things that you are doing great.

2) Change Your Identity

When something you want in your life becomes part of your identity, that is when your behavior will naturally change. Changing Identity means changing your behavior or mindset. Be the person with positive thoughts and creative ideas. Do not let your mind think about the negativity around your that will affect your goal. Do this by: 

a) Follow people who motivate you on social media, and get a sense of how they live and what they do. I am not saying that you copy them, but learn how they ignore all the hate and negativity.

b) Notice when you are enjoying a task that involves the person you want to be. Take a moment to notice that you are feeling good. 

By doing this your perception of the tasks will change, it will become something you LIKE, not something you HAVE to do.

3) Make Your Vision Clear

How to be clear about goals

You have to be clear about your goals. If you are confused about what you have to do in your life, you don't know what is your purpose, then you will not be able to change your life. You have to be clear about what you want in your life. Once you know what you want, you have to be clear about that goal, no distractions, nothing. You have to be focused. You can also use vision boards to keep you motivated and vision boards are the best way to visualize your dreams the way you want. 

4) Consistency Is The Key

We all have heard the phrase "6 months of hard work and focus can put you years ahead in life". This is the truth that most of us know but still, we kinda feel lazy to keep working for our goals. You have to be consistent if you want to create the life you want because consistency is the key to the success, and you can not deny that. As I said you can not change your destiny overnight, but you can change your destiny only when you are consistent with your goals. 

5) Learn New Skills

Everyone knows that Knowledge gets praised by everyone, so learning new skills not only increases your knowledge but also provides you with new opportunities, opportunities to earn more money. In this modern world, technology is constantly changing so as you should. Analyze the need of the market and invest in yourself. 

Learn new skills from books, youtube, udemy, and podcasts, but don't practice to practice your skills physically.

6) Fill Your Environment with Positivity

A positive environment does have a lot of good effects on the human mind. It can help you to think more effectively, it helps to be happy, and you can not feel stressed. Try to keep your environment positive. Also if you want to change your life, you alone can not do that, your environment will also have to change. 

The best example of that is when you hang out with positive mind people, you ultimately will be thinking positively and if you are surrounded by negative people, your mind will work accordingly.

7) Lastly, Enjoy The Process With Patience

I know changing ourselves will never be that easy for anyone, we all have to deal with various kinds of problems and situations. But the person who enjoys the process gets the privilege to enjoy the life that he ever dreamt of. Implementing these things seems to be hard at once, but when you start doing them regularly, it will be easier for you. 

Irrespective of the hardships or difficulties you face in the process, you have to enjoy every moment of the process as you are going to achieve what you want. 

Thank you for reading till here, I hope this article helped you in changing your life. 

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