How to stop being shy and awkward.

Monday 2 May 2022

Does the idea of social interaction scare you? Do you feel panic when it comes to talking to new people or do you feel shy around new people? 

It is very common to act that way if you are shy. But, there are many things that you can do to build your confidence even if you are the quiet type your whole life so that you can to people without feeling shy. You can become more social, attractive, and cool if you want to. You can get rid of your social awkwardness around people for good.

And, that's the purpose of this article to tell you about those ways by which you can eliminate your social awkwardness from within you.

How to stop being shy and awkward

Why do people feel shy?

Shy people are not shy around everyone. They are only shy around those people who are unlike them, they think that they will judge them if they speak something in front of them. One reason could be for their shyness is their past life. Maybe, shy people are shy because some incidents happened in their past which makes them not speak to everyone.

Shy people mostly worry about what other people will think of them if they say something. They feel like they are annoying other people, that's the reason shy people mainly don't make interaction with others.

With that said, what can you do to overcome your shyness and awkwardness? Well, here are some ways which I am going to talk about that will help you to overcome your shyness and awkwardness.

How to stop being shy?

1. Don't listen to your negative inner voice

Shy people are the ones who overthink things and they think that they will be judged by people if they make a conversation. This is their way to think about things, They become highly critical of themselves and they listen to their negative inner voice that doesn't do anything well besides putting them down from making a conversation and they become more prone to remove themselves from any social situations.

If you also listen to your negative inner voice, stop listening to it right now. Your negative inner voice is just telling lies to yourself, replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and tell yourself that you can do it. Say to yourself that you can make a conversation with anyone without the feeling of judgment.

By changing your mindset, you can achieve anything, a positive mindset is a must in today's life. What can you do to change your mindset?

So, to change your mindset focus on the things that you want rather than focusing on the things that you don't want. It is a human trait that we mainly focus on those things that we don't want and we attract those types of things and situations. So, from now on you should only focus on the things that you want. It will help you to change your mindset.

2. Know and embrace your strengths

Everyone has something unique in themselves and shy people are no exception in that. They are just as smart, intelligent, competent, and interested as extroverts. 

What shy lack is that they don't know how to express themselves. They might have a hard time talking about what makes them unique, that's why others don't get a chance to know them or to notice them.

If someone asks you about yourself, embrace your strengths, and talk about the things that you are good at. It can be anything maybe you like to read books or you are good at sports. Tell them about the things, if you don't tell them about what you are good at and what your strengths are, they will never know. 

It will increase your self-esteem time by time and also helps to shut down that harsh inner voice of yourself. Spend some time thinking about the things that you are really good at or a topic that you know about a lot. Use these topics in your conversation and see how you can make conversations with people very easily.

3. Offer information to others

If you are a shy person, being in a large group of friends can be awkward sometimes, especially when you have social anxiety. But, you are here to know how to overcome your shyness so you have to try new things in order to eliminate your shyness from within you.

Don't wait for other people to ask you something. Make the first move and ask others "how are you doing?", "What are you up to?". People have a lot to tell you if you just ask them. Take the initiative and tell your friends what's going on in your life, they will be more than happy because you are making the first move and maybe they can share their life with you.

And, you will see how smoothly the conversation will go if you just make the first move to ask them about themselves. You will seem confident by doing this and nobody can tell that you are a shy person if you behave like this. 

If you really want to overcome your shyness, actively taking part in the conversation is a must and you can do this by offering information to others.

4. Improve and practice your body language

Body language tells a lot about a person. Shy people mostly like to hide from people. In order to avoid people, they might cross their arms, avoid eye contact, lower their head, stand far away from people or keep themselves busy on their phones so that people think they are busy. These are all the techniques that shy people use in order to avoid people.

But, if you really want to be a more social person, you have to stop hiding or avoiding people. If you stop all these things and change your body language to be more open or friendly, people with not think of you as a shy person.

To improve your body language, you can do:
  • Keep your head held high, don't lower your head.
  • Stand up straight, don't slouch your body.
  • Make eye contact with people.
  • Angle your body towards the person you are talking to.
  • Don't get distracted by other things like your phone.

You can practice and improve your body language when you are alone. Practicing your body language will help you when it comes to making a conversation in real-time.

5. Find your reasons and overcome them

There can be many reasons why shy people feel shy or awkward. You have to find your reasons for feeling shy. 

For example, maybe you have come from a family of shy personalities, and you may have interacted with the same kind of awkward people. You spent so much time around shy people that you don't know their social skills. 

Some people become shy because they are surrounded by shy people and some people become shy because of their bad experiences. You may have to face rejection or people may have judged you harshly, that's why you became the person the way you are.

Shy people are shy because of inexperience, or lack of social exposure. You are shy because you have never learned any other way or you didn't get an opportunity to become social. Just the way you learnt how to be shy, you can also learn how to be more outgoing. It is possible to learn new things and gradually increase your social skills.

So, finding your reasons for feeling shy and trying to overcome them can be a great help to overcome your shyness eventually. 

6. Make your social goals

Yes, you have mainly heard about physical goals and financial goals, but if you want to improve your social skills, it became very important for you to make your social goals too.

You may look back at the times when you have failed to make a connection and criticize yourself for your lack of growth and confidence. When you look at your failures all at once, it is easier to think that you will never make any progress.

But, by making your social goals, you can expand your social skill. Make your social goals and accomplish them. This goal can be anything like talking to a stranger, making a new friend, or speaking in front of people. 

To improve yourself, make one social goal each week and accomplish them. This will help you gain confidence and you can see your growth also by checking how far you have come.

7. Choose your friends and relationships wisely

There is each kind of person in this world. In your life, you will meet people who are kind, and you will also meet people who are toxic and can damage your confidence and lower your self-esteem.

For someone who has social anxiety, it became very important for them to choose their friends and relationship wisely. Not everyone can understand your personality and have a positive perspective. That's why it became very important to make friends who can uplift you and understand you.

Find those people who are worth your time and your efforts.

How to stop being shy and awkward


If you don't want to be socially awkward, then you have to try new things and do the things that you are scared to do.

The tips that I have talked about in this article are:
  • Don't listen to your negative inner voice.
  • Know and embrace your strengths.
  • Offer information to others.
  • Improve and practice your body language.
  • Find your reasons and overcome them.
  • Make your social goals.
  • Choose your friends and relationships wisely.

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