How to Become More Attractive Women Instantly

Friday 20 May 2022

Being attractive is not about having a pretty face, rather beauty is about cultivating traits and qualities that enhance our already natural body and make our personality and individual strengths shine. 

Attractiveness is a whole thing, it’s your aura, your essence, your femininity, your energy. 

I did some research and asked men what habits they find are the most attractive in women. Practicing these habits can make women look more attractive forever.

What makes women more attractive?

According to research, women are more attractive when they are smart, intelligent, confident, full of passion, caring, independent, supportive, and have a good sense of humor. 

These qualities are general and every woman possesses them, but what makes a difference is how others find these qualities attractive about you.

How to become more attractive women instantly

There's absolutely nothing wrong with looking after your body, and health. These things aren't the only things that describe your attractiveness to others or even to you.

How to become a more attractive women instantly?

Physical beauty fades away but habits are those things that make you look attractive for your entire life. These habits are straightforward to implement in our daily lives. 

So after research, I have put some after traits that most men find attractive about you. 

1) They Listen and Actually Care

Good listeners are loved by everyone because they listen to the person with full attention and understand everything. Men like those women who listen to them and actually care for them.

Also, this habit of listening to others attentively will help you in many things, you can understand the situations effortlessly.

Implementation Tips:
  • Whenever you talk to someone, always try to listen to them carefully by looking at them. You should avoid looking anywhere else while talking to somebody. If you look somewhere else, it might lead to the conclusion that you are not listening to them.

  • You can also read the book "Be a Better Listener" by JD Obrice. This book can teach you how to become a good listener.

  • While talking to men, try to understand them and do care for them. These small things will make you become a more attractive woman. 

2) They are Passionate

Attractive women are passionate about their future and know exactly what they have to do in their life. Have you ever had a conversation with someone passionate about what they do? 

Whenever you do, notice the twinkle in their eyes, the fast pace of their speech, and their energy will boost to the next level. That thing is the most beautiful thing to witness about someone and is most attractive to most people. 

Implementation Tips:
  • Spend some time to find out what is your purpose and what makes you more excited, what things you are passionate about.

  • You can also look for others' guidance (especially family members) to find your passion.

  • Lastly, experiment with different things, you never know what makes you more excited. Also, don't ever stick to one thing if you don't like doing it.

3) They are Confident

One of the biggest turn-ons for men is confidence, no doubt about it. Men like those women who are confident in what they do. Confident women don't settle for less than they deserve, they seek challenges, and support rather than comparison.

Also, there's a fine line between confidence and over-confidence, you should not be over-aggressive confident. That decreases your attractiveness. 

Implementation Tips:
  • Write down all your strengths and skills that make you, YOU.

  • Acknowledge your fears, take risks, prioritize self-care, and accept yourself as you are.

4) They are Polite and Calm

Attractive women are well-mannered and show behavior that is respectful and considerate of others. They are aware of and respect the feeling of others. They also remain calm in every situation possible. 

Being calm means you are not forcing yourself to take any wrong action. You could make the right moves when you are calm. It helps your body and mind to focus more attentively on things. 

Men do like those women who remain calm and are polite to others. 

Implementation Tips:
  • Always respect other people's feelings. Do not misbehave with them, this will impact your attractiveness negatively.

  • Try to remain calm in extreme situations. You can try yoga, meditation, or can read books to control your mind.

5) They are Authentic and Honest

People like those human beings who are honest with them. Honesty means being sincere with others and ourselves too. In research, most men told that they like women when they are honest and authentic (real as they are). They like when you are free of deceit or untruthfulness. 

Also, It is becoming rarer and rarer to see honesty on a daily basis. No one likes being with a person who is honest only when it benefits them. 

If you are weird, be weird, just own who you are. Be true to yourself and show it to the world. One way to practice authenticity is honesty. 

Implementation Tips:
  • Honesty isn't something that you can train into yourself and start to become attractive. It is something you need to start small by deciding not to lie and be authentic.
How to become more atrractive instantly

6) They Smile

Studies show that women who smile are way more attractive than others. Smiling increases the women's attractiveness. Studies also revealed that smiling releases endorphins, natural neurotransmitters that make us feel happier. 

Smiling conveys many messages like optimism and stability, which generally are highly desirable qualities in women. 

Implementation Tips:
  • SMILE more, it will increase your overall attractiveness.

7) They practice Self-care

Self-care is more than just focusing on physical care. It is the act of taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We should consider ourselves a priority. If we don't make ourselves a priority and only take about others, then we just face stress and depression.

Implementation Tips:

8) They are Fun-Loving and Friendly

Attractive women try to find fun in every task they do. They live in pure joy and don't stress about small situations. They are friendly and they love making new friends. Fun-loving, I mean they love what they do and enjoy the process. 

They enjoy the work and the environment. You will never feel disappointed talking to them. According to research, men like friendly women as they can share their feelings with them without being judged. 

Being friendly is a lovely quality to have. Try your best to be friendly and kind. 

Implementation Tips:
  • Enjoy every moment of your life. 

  • Become friendly with others, Set your limits.

9) They Notice everything

Your outlook and general perspective matter a lot when it comes to being more attractive. Attractive Women notice the beauty world and all of us must adopt this habit more frequently. 

When you notice more, you get to know more about the world. You can start living more happier and joyful at the same moment, while others don't know how you are doin' it.

Implementation Tips:
  • Take 5-10 minutes out of your day to appreciate the world around you.

  • Make it a priority to notice things you would otherwise miss in your day.

10) Sense of Humor and Open-Minded

Having a sense of humor is highly attractive to men. You don't need to be a pro, but learn to laugh or have fun. Your sense of humor depicts your personality as you can say funny things and see the funny side of things. 

Also, Attractive women do not judge anybody on their appearance, or condition, they are open-minded. They are free from various restrictions of their mind. 

When you are open-minded you are more capable to make better decisions.

Implementation Tips:
  • Do not laugh at every joke, it ruins your sense of humor. Laugh when you like.

  • Be an open-minded woman, Do not judge anyone.

11) They Decide and Follow-through

Women who make decisions on their own are more attractive. they take their life decisions and follow through with them. They know their worth and hence don't let anyone interfere with their decisions. 

This makes them more attractive as they are independent to make their own decisions. Also, when you make decisions on your own, you will never get the feeling of disappointment if that idea didn't work out. 

Implementation Tips:
  • Make your own decisions, and follow through with them.

  • Trust yourself.
Finally, I want to say that Being attractive is so much more than how you appear in the outside world. In the long run, these qualities or habits will take you far away from the physical beauty, you could ever imagine. 

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