8 Best Tips To Find Motivation Towards Your Goals.

Friday 22 April 2022

When you set up a new goal, you feel very excited and motivated to work towards it. You decide and start to make several plans regarding that goal and then you start working towards that goal. 

But, sometimes, it becomes hard for many people to constantly work towards a goal if they are not seeing the results they wanted. You stay motivated as long as you see results, but it can become overwhelming or you can get demotivated when you are not getting your desired results.

So, the question that arises here is how can you stay motivated when you are working towards achieving your goals. Finding motivation is very necessary as it helps you to stay consistent when you are doing something. And, consistency is the key to success. All these things are interconnected.

How to find motivation

8 Best Tips To Find Motivation Towards your Goals.

As I have already told you earlier that finding motivation is necessary to complete your goal but how can you find the motivation to achieve your goals. 

That is a question to explore!

That's why I am here to discuss all these tips and strategies that can help you to find your motivation. Every person is built differently and if one thing is motivating someone, it doesn't mean it will motivate the other person also. So. this becomes necessary to find the right kind of motivation for yourself that will help you to achieve your goals and help you to become consistent because if you remain consistent, there is a high chance of achieving your goals and becoming successful.

Let's look at these tips.

1. Choose your main goal and make it your number one priority

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

The first tip is to set the main goal that you think is more important to you.

Why it is important to set the main goal? It is because our mind is a stock of thoughts. We think about many things and want to try many things. In this way, we can get confused about what we want to do really, and if we don't know what exactly we want to do, we will not take any action. 

So, it becomes easy if we decide on our main goal. You get crystal clear about what you want to do in your head, then you will get the desire to start working towards it because you know what you want.

For example, you want to learn digital marketing or you want to start your blog or your goal is to 3 books a month. Choose the main goal that you want to achieve very badly, that gives you happiness. If you do things that give you happiness, you will automatically find motivation. It's that EASY!

2. Plan it out

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

I am sure you all have heard about planning once in a while in your life. When you set a specific goal, you set it with some intention in your mind, you set it to achieve something. When you want to achieve something, planning does great help.

When you do planning regarding your goal, you get to know the directions that what things you have to do to achieve a particular goal. When you plan, you think about your goals and future. Planning helps you to make decisions and you are less likely to make mistakes if you plan out your goals effectively. 

When you plan, it doesn't mean you will get succeed by making plans only, you have to take action towards your goals. Planning gives you a higher chance of being successful as you know about the things that have to do to achieve your goals.

Therefore, planning can be a great motivator when it comes to goals.

3. Train your mind that you can do anything

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

If you train your mind that you can do anything and achieve anything, you are one step closer to achieving your goals. If you constantly think about something, you are most likely to attract it in your life. If you think that you can do it without any problem then you can do it. All things depend on your mind. 

You can trick your mind into believing what you want. There are various ways by which you can trick and train your mind. I am gonna discuss some of them.

a) Make a vision board

If you don't know what is vision board, then I will tell you. A Vision board is like a collection of pictures pasted together. You only have to collect pictures that depict your goals, you can find these pictures on Pinterest easily. It depends on you if you want to make an online vision board or a physical one. Either of them will work. A Vision board helps you to constantly remind your goals and you will find the motivation to work towards your goals.

b) Say affirmation to yourself

This is another way that can help you to train your mind into believing your desires. You only have to frame sentences and repeat them constantly to yourself. You can repeat them loudly or in your mind, it depends on you. 

For example, If you have a goal of reading 3 books per month. You can frame sentences like this: "I am motivated to read books." or "Reading books give me happiness." If you repeat affirmations constantly, your mind will believe them ultimately and act accordingly.

4. Find your inspiration

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

One way to find the motivation to reach your end goal is to get excited about it. You can only get excited when that particular thing gives you happiness. 

So, it is better to try those things that give you happiness and you get excited about. In that way, you can find the instant motivation to do work for your goals.

Make a list of your inspirations. List out all the things that inspire you to take action. Your inspiration can be anyone, be it a celebrity, friends, family member, an organization, a YouTube video, a story, your favorite quote or lines, or any other thing.

Some examples from which you can take inspiration:

A. Your favorite video or podcast: Watch your favorite motivational video that helps you to give instant motivation. Another thing that you can do is listen to a podcast related to similar topics that depict your goals. I am sure it will be helpful.

B. Read biographies of successful people: Reading is one of the best ways to find motivation. Reading about those people who have achieved similar things that you want to achieve will help you for sure. 

C. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, who hype you up.

5. Track your progress / Keep a diary

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

You can't store everything in your mind. Sometimes, you can't remember you much progress you have made if you don't note it down, because your mind can't store each and everything you've done.

By tracking your progress, you will come to know how far you have come now and you will be proud of yourself if you reflect on your progress weekly and monthly. 

You will come to know about your mistakes if you are making any and hence, can correct them. This is the added advantage of tracking your progress. 

Continuously tracking your progress will boost your motivational level and you can review how much you have accomplished and how much you have to accomplish. 

So, we have concluded, that tracking your progress is a great way to boost your motivation.

6. Take a break when needed

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

Everyone feels exhausted at one point in time. So, you should also take a break once in a while to recharge yourself and to recharge your energy. Take a break when you feel like it. 

If you constantly do the things and overdo them, then you will be demotivated. So, it is better to take a break when your mind tells you to take a break.

You can go for a walk for fresh air or can talk to a friend who gives you instant motivation and cheer you up.

7. Choose your circle and environment wisely

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

It's easy to say that you want to be motivated every day, but it's harder to find people who can motivate you. 

If you don't have anyone to watch and learn from, it becomes harder to stay motivated for a longer period. But if you surround yourself with people who motivate the shit out of you, who push you to be your best, you will never have to search for motivation again in your life. Surround yourself with people who hype you up. 

Transform your circle, eliminate those people from your life who demotivates you or they create doubt in yourself. Surround yourself with those people who have the same mindset as you have so that they can motivate you for good.

These are some small things that can affect your life in a very good way.

8. Don't run away from difficulties and problems

8 best tips to find motivation towards your goals

Remember that problems and difficulties are inevitable. So, you should be ready to expect them, don't fear them.

When you face difficulties, you tend to start running away from them instead of solving them, it makes the situation, even worse than it already was. 

Running away from problems makes you powerless and that will lead to more stress. If you feel stressed, you can't be motivated and hence can't get your work done.

How to deal with problems in your life?

As you all know problems are a fact of life. If you want to be successful in your life and beyond, you should know the art of facing any problem with a proper mindset.

A proper mindset is everything.

So, see the problem from a perspective, and see how you could benefit from this problem. Every problem teaches us something, isn't it?

There are always benefits that you can get from the problems that occur in your life.

How do problems help you grow?

1. Problems make you stronger and more courageous.
2. Problems help get a different perspective on life.
3. Problems help to increase your tolerance level.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I will conclude this post by saying that you can't be motivated as long as you don't want it. When you don't feel motivated, remember why you started that in the first place.

Hard work and persistence is the key to achieve to any goal that you have set. So, be persistent no matter what. Do something every day that benefits you to reach your goals.


The 8 best tips that I have talked about to give you instant motivation towards your goals are: 

1. Choose your main goal and make it your number one priority.
2. Plan it out.
3. Train your mind that you can do anything.
4. Find your inspiration.
5. Track your progress.
6. Take a break when needed.
7. Choose your circle and environment wisely.
8. Don't run away from difficulties and problems.

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  1. These are really true things for motivation. Gonna implement these things in my life and looking for more interesting and informative posts. 😊