How to Overcome The Laziness

Saturday, 11 September 2021

What Is Laziness?

Being Lazy or Laziness is the feeling of doing nothing or being idle. Sometimes laziness happens when you are not willing to face something, i.e. you are afraid of that work or you are bored of that work, because of all this you don't want to put your energy into that work or you don't want to make any effort for that work.

How to stop being lazy

Laziness is nothing, everybody once in their lifetime feels lazy or not to do anything or be idle. This is not new but the main thing is how do you get rid of that feeling of being lazy. In order to get rid of your laziness, you need to know about the reasons that are causing the feeling of laziness in you, and then after that, you will have to work on those reasons to cure your laziness.

There are countless reasons that cause the feeling of being lazy in any individual, it is different in every individual, but there are some common reasons that cause laziness in most of the people out there in the world.

Let us list some of the common reasons.

Top 3 Reasons That Causes Laziness

There are 3 common reasons that cause the feeling of being lazy in most the people. If you want to end that lazy feeling you need to know about these reasons because if you don't know the reason behind any problem you will not be able to resolve that problem.

1. Fear of Failure

The most common reason behind most people's idleness is the feeling of failure or the fear of failure in their work. Everyone wanted their work to be completed without any kind of problem, and if they got into any, they get demotivated. 

Fear of Failure means you are afraid of losing and in order to save yourself you prefer not to do that work, thinking you will not lose. But the reality is if you will not complete your work or start your work because of your fear, then how you will be able to get what you want to achieve.

The causes of fear of failure are many and varied. Some of the causes are lack of confidence, lack of support and encouragement, lack of ability to solve problems, and a fear of failure itself. A child who is afraid of failure is not going to feel able to try new things, and may not even choose to engage in social situations that require learning. Some of the causes may relate to the child, some may be a result of family and some may be a result of school.

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This reason gives rise to another reason which is also very common in every person's feeling of being lazy.

2. Demotivation

Demotivation means the feeling of losing hope about everything or the work you badly wanted to do, but after many unsuccessful attempts, you feel not to do that. Demotivation is quite common in every person's feeling of being lazy because if you do anything and not be able to achieve it after many attempts you lose your hope and stop trying for that goal.

We can also say that Demotivation is the bi-product of Fear of Failure. Due to your fear of failure, you do not start your work and after some time you lose hope of doing that work.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue means when you are tired of doing something again and again. This also leads to the feeling of being lazy in most people. If you are doing something without any rest, you will get fatigued and to give yourself relax and some free time you prefer to rest and this led to idleness in most the people. 

It is sometimes good or sometimes fatigue is worst for the people as most of the people never start their work again after the rest. Thoughts like "This work is so tiring, I will not do this anymore, Why am I doing this work, I better leave this work" strike their mind and they stop working or making efforts for their goals.

How To Overcome Laziness?

Now that you have been fully aware of the reasons behind most people's laziness, but still, I want you to identify what are the reasons behind your laziness because if you know about your reasons, you will be able to resolve them easily. So the first thing or the first main work you have to do is to find out the reasons for your laziness.

How to stop being lazy

After that, there are some tricks to overcome your laziness. You can get rid of your feeling of being lazy by tricking your mind in a good way. So let us discuss some main tricks to trick your mind.

1. Set your Goals Achievable

The first trick is that you have to set your goals in a manner that you can achieve them easily, or they can be achievable, as if they are not you will get demotivated. If you set achievable goals, you will be more motivated because you will see your efforts paid off. Your goals will be much more likely to be achieved as you will be more enthusiastic about the outcomes you want to achieve. In addition, setting achievable goals can help you to keep focused on the task you are trying to achieve. Achievable goals give us a sense of purpose and direction and help us to define ourselves. They make us aware of what we want and need, and how we can get what we want. We become energized and motivated when we set goals that we can achieve instead of sitting around waiting for something to come along.

Some people set their goals very high or their standards for themselves are very high, they thought that they can achieve it but when they start making efforts for their goals, they start with full energy, but one failure makes their goal seems far from them.

So in order to stop being lazy, set your goals achievable.

2. Have a Routine

Having a routine is quite beneficial for avoiding the feeling of laziness because you will be doing the work that is in your daily routine. having a routine makes you busy in your routine work and you rarely get a chance of getting demotivated or fatigued as you are doing this work on a regular basis.

But if you do not have any routine, prefer making a daily routine, it will help you in many ways. It will help you to be motivated and also develop a good lifestyle.

3. Give yourself Deadlines

Giving yourself deadlines is the best way to trick your mind. Your mind works best when you have some deadlines. Your mind never gets demotivated when you know you have limited time or get the feeling of laziness if you have to do some work in the meantime. This is a pretty straightforward way to encourage yourself. A deadline gives you the motivation to complete a task. Your motivation will be very high when you know you have a limited amount of time to complete a task, but it will drop off as time goes on. Without a deadline, you may find yourself procrastinating because you don't know exactly when you have to complete the task.

So giving deadlines to yourself will trick your mind and you will feel that your laziness is getting away from you. Have you ever experienced that your mind works best in deadlines,

So giving yourself deadlines is the best trick to avoid laziness.

4. Choose your Attire/Dress Wisely

Choosing your dress wisely will also trick your mind into avoiding laziness. Let me explain with the help of one example how it can be done. 

So if you have to attend some kind of meeting and you are feeling very lazy as you do not want to attend it. So try wearing your office dress and you will experience changes.

A good dressing will also give you confidence which is very helpful in getting motivated towards your work and staying motivated towards your work, so choose your attire very wisely.

5. Follow People who already achieved what you want to do in order to stay motivated.

Following similar kinds of people who already achieved what you want to achieve plays a very important role to let you stay motivated towards your goals. They will motivate you to do that work or continuously make efforts for what you want to achieve.

So following people will also help you in avoiding your laziness.


Laziness is nothing, everybody once in their lifetime feels lazy or not to do anything or be idle. In order to get rid of your laziness, you need to know about the reasons that are causing the feeling of laziness in you.

Some common reasons for laziness:

1. Fear of Failure
2. Demotivation
3. Fatigue

But you still have to find your reasons for being lazy. After you find your reasons make sure to avoid them and also try some tricks to trick your mind to avoid laziness. 

Some of the tricks are:

1. Set your Goals Achievable
2. Have a Routine
3. Give yourself Deadlines
4. Choose your Attire/Dress Wisely
5. Follow people who already achieved what you want to do in order to stay motivated.

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