25 Life Changing Habits to Start in Your 20s

Monday 30 May 2022

The habits you start in your 20s can stick with you for your lifetime. Habits are something that can take you so far in your life as you set goals and targets, then it’s not necessary that you hit them, and if you don’t hit them, then you abuse and curse yourself and if you do hit them, then you feel like a king. But there is no basis for us to set those goals and targets in the first place. I believe that most of the goals and targets that we set for ourselves in life, are our desires, they are not goals and targets. Instead, if you focus on habits and form habits you can go far and beyond.

35 Life Changing Habits to Start in Your 20s

For example, if you promise yourself that you have to read 12 books this year, that is the goal and target. Now it’s possible that by the 3rd book you will feel, “why did I keep the target of 12 books? What was I thinking? Who reads one book in a month?” But if you form a habit of reading for 15 minutes every day, whether in the morning, evening, or spread it over the day. I assure you, you will read more than 12 books in a year. Because 15 min is more than enough for you to finish a book in a month. That habit takes you far ahead of the target for 12 books that you had set.

In this article, I will share 25 life-changing habits that if you take up in your 20s and get habitual to them, then you will set your life up for the best life ever.

1) Don't Try to Remember Everything

We waste so much of our brain, just trying to remember things. We should write everything on paper, everything on the calendar, everything on the notes app, and everything should be documented. The function of the mind is not to remember things but to DO things.

So you have to spend your time and energy on getting things done, not on remembering things. You will document everything using pen and paper so that you don't have to remember anything. 

2) Smile and Love Yourself

Yes, Smile! Smile every day, because if you will not love yourself then no one else will love you. If you will not be kind to yourself, then nobody else will be kind to you. You have to become your biggest supporter, and this small habit will make a huge difference.

No matter how bad the time may be, even if you feel bad about yourself, you will smile and acknowledge that you exist. 

3) Call People by Their Names

Whenever you write an email, or a message, or a reply to the message please don’t write “Hey bro! What’s up, bro! Hi!” You have to write the name of that person. When you do that you create an emotional bond. People realize that you know their name, you remember their name, and they feel familiar with the most precious thing that we all have our name.

4) Go Out and Explore

Go out and meet someone new that you have never met. Also, meeting someone new can also be done virtually, but I recommend meeting physically, at last, it depends on you, but it has to be a very meaningful interaction where you are trying to know them or you want to learn something from them, or it could be a nice happy just getting-to-know-them conversation. 

And I am sure, you will love those interactions because, through all this, you get to understand a lot of things, and you will also realize that without any planning it will create so many opportunities, because, who knows, which person will be useful for you in your life. 

5) Reading

Every day, for at least 30 minutes, read books. I know it's tough, I know you have tried a lot of times, but I am sharing this with you with a little twist. You have to read every day for 30 minutes only, not towards any goal or target, you don' have to finish a book within a week or a month, or a year, all you have to do is just read every day for 30 minutes. 

Second, you have to read those books that you want to read, not the book that you think you should read. You are not reading so that you can tell the world that you are reading, instead, you should read those books that you genuinely want to read. And if you don't like the books, please don't stick to that books, move on to the next book. It is not necessary that you have to finish every book you start reading. don't pressure yourself to complete the book that you pick up. 

6) Practice Gratitude

Say Thank You, even if the person can not hear you. Having gratitude or being grateful is a very important skill in life. We often start taking people for granted. When people do something for us, we often tell ourselves, "This was Normal, anybody could do it. Anyone in their place could do it." But that is not how you wanna live life. 

how to show gratitude

You will have to form a habit as soon as possible in life, that "I will have to acknowledge every person who does something for me." And it has to be felt, not faked. Gratitude is a terrific habit because people will always remember you for this. 

7) Exercise

Develop an exercise routine, this will not only keep you healthy but also keeps you energetic. You can start exercising at your home, or can opt-out of a gym subscription if you don't feel like working out at home. You will see improvements in your personality, and you will become more confident in your life. Reports say that the person who exercises or does any kind of physical activity lives more than the average life of any person.

8) Journaling and Positive Affirmations

By practicing positive affirmations, you will feel happier and better throughout your day. You can start your day by repeating positive affirmations, Don't say negative about yourself or about anything. You can also write your affirmations in your journal, also don't forget to be grateful for whatever you have in your life.

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Journaling is a great way to reflect on one's experiences, especially since you can't control everything that is happening in your life. Journaling provides you with insights into your inner thoughts and feelings. This small can play a huge role in success in your life. 

9) Be Hydrated

Yes, you see it everywhere because it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water to drink every day and you will notice your skin changing drastically. It is recommended to drink at least 5 liters of water each day and more if you can. As your body continues to sweat, you need to rehydrate yourself to avoid losing too much water by sweating.

Many people do not drink enough water, and as a result, get ill and feel exhausted, An insufficient water intake can lead to dehydration and, eventually, lead to the onset of severe dehydration.

10) Self-Care

It is very important to take care of yourself on a daily basis as you know you are always very busy trying out new things that you can not get time to take care of yourself. It is important to acknowledge and value your own health. It is also important to have the ability to care for yourself and when you are feeling unwell, to be able to ask for help. Some of the self-care practices that I will be talking about might be the ones that you already know or maybe ones that you might not be familiar with.

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Take out some time for yourself too and practice self-care. Make this a good habit for yourself. 

11) Maintain Budget

This is not about investing. Investing is a different thing. By maintaining your budget, I mean, you should know where your money is coming from and where is it going. It is important that people know how to maintain their budget. The main idea of a budget is to be able to avoid any unnecessary spending. Money management is a crucial part of life. You can't avoid spending money, but you can manage your money. Managing your money will let you know where your money goes and how to spend your money.

It is a good habit to keep a record of your income and expenses. By keeping a record, you can manage your money very easily and can save way more than ever.

So, don't forget to make this a good habit.

12) Organize your Home or Workspace

Whether your home is big or small, you must always organize your home.

You may ask, how?

How to organize home

Set different spaces for different things. Example- Reading, working, gaming, etc. If you have a small space, you can set up small spaces for different things and make your home more organized so that it looks good, not messy.

13) Planning

This increases your productivity for the day. It can be very helpful if you plan your full day in the morning and what you will do for the whole day. 

By doing this, you will know what are the things that are required to be done today and you will be more productive by the end of the day.

So, make sure to make this a good habit from now on.

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14) Meditate

This is another habit that you can form to live a happy life. Meditation can help you to know yourself better on a deeper level. Try to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes at least. Meditation can also help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Meditation can provide you with a feeling of calm, and peace which is very helpful for your body as well as for mental health. You can live a healthy and happy life if you practice meditation on a daily basis.

15) Ask more Questions

If you ever in your life, don’t understand any things, please ask more and more questions. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions as you only are solving your doubts. Do not think about what others are gonna say about you, you only have to focus on your life. So next time when you don't understand anything, you are going to ask more questions. 

16) Regular Medical Checkup

Your prime responsibility should be your health, you can't take everything with you everywhere. Everyone has a different meaning of wealth for themselves. But in your early 20s, your genuine wealth is your good health. If you have some medical problems try finding a permanent solution by visiting the doctor for regular medical checkups. 

17) Stop Complaining

If you make a mistake, your 1st priority is to accept what you have done wrong. We always think we are right every time, but that is not the case, we might be wrong in some situations. All of this happens because of hormonal changes in our bodies. We as youngsters don't want to take any advice from our seniors, as we think we know everything, but when we get worse results, we start complaining to others.

But what we have to do is take full responsibility for our actions and stop complaining. 

18) Wake up Early

Waking up early in the morning is the best habit that we can develop in our 20s because this is the time when our all might God gifts us supernatural powers, powers to heal our psychological imbalance and remove our physical deformities. 

I know it sounds weird that God gifts us powers, by this, I mean that God put us so ahead in life so that we can cure all this if we start early. You will feel fresh, energetic, and calm when you wake up early in the morning. Also, you can complete your due task before time. 
Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. 

19 Limit Social Media Usage

Social media is a very good platform for promoting your talent, but when you misuse it or I can say overuse it, it may become your worst enemy also. Social media can be your best friend in certain situations only when you use it within the limit. The best way to use social media is to gain useful knowledge from it.

20) Follow a Routine

Routine plays a great role in your SUCCESS and your successful life that how you use your day or darkness of nights to transform yourself into a great leader or a slave. Always remember these days are for your greatness. Every day has a great meaning in itself, you will only realize when these days will make you a victor, not a loser in your life. So be very careful about your routine.

21) Remove Toxic people

When you have a great dream, people will laugh at you and your dreams. Your number 1 priority should always be your dreams. You know why people laugh at you and your dreams because they follow unproductive life routines in their life and they don't have the courage to pursue their dreams.

How to remove toxic people

Use them as your motivation source and kick them from your life. Toxic people think they are very smart but you know you are way smarter than them as you are using the for your dreams. Crush them and throw them in the dustbin where they deserve the most.

22) Save and Invest

This is a habit that you can't ignore at any point in your life. Saving in your 20s will be very beneficial for you in the later part of your life. By saving in your 20s you are securing your future in a very meaningful way. You may not understand the magic of compounding right now but when it comes to you in the future, I am sure you will be amazed by the results. So, make a strong decision to start investing your money in your 20s.

23) Use POMODORO for your work

Make a habit of using the POMODORO technique for your work. It is a 30-minute routine, where you work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. This one slot of 30-minute is called Pomodoro. After 4-5 Pomodoros, you will take a long break of 20-25 minutes. When you do that, your attention is highest, your focus is great, and that is the key element and ingredient for anything meaningful that we do at work.

24) Follow Positive People

In your 20s, you are in a decade, where social media is becoming the biggest consumer of your content, and also the biggest generator of your ideas. All the stories in your mind, all your thoughts, are coming mostly from social media. So don't follow those people who create fun at the expense of other people. Don't follow those people who are generating the feeling of hatred in you. Don't follow those people who make you realize that you are not beautiful, you are not worthy, and you are not as attractive as you should have been. Don't follow those people who make you cynical about this world. 

Follow positive people because when you follow positive people, who make you feel great about yourself, who make you feel that you can do it, you get that energy, that vibe that makes you believe in your own self. If you are surrounded by positive people in your world, wouldn't that be the best life ever? 

25) Be Consistent

Consistency is the key feature of determining success in your life. Don't follow the tough rule of consistency if you think a consistent drop of water can not fill a pot. Don't underestimate the power of consistency. A consistent rainfall, no matter whether the raindrops are small, can bring a great disaster. If you don't follow the rule of consistency, you are determining your failure. 

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