How to Glow Up Before School

Wednesday 8 September 2021

What is Glow Up?

So, first thing first, what is glow-up? Glowing up simply means changing your habits for good. It can be any change, either physical or emotional. 
Glow up comes from inside. Being "prettier" is only an outcome of caring more for your physical and psychological wellness, feeling more certain, and doing the things that make you happy from the inside. That happiness will reflect on the outer world if you are happy inside.

Glowing up literally means living the happy and beautiful life you want. It takes work to change who you are. But like anything worthwhile, it takes time, effort, and often a great deal of discomfort. Once you decide to improve yourself, you can use your personality to help guide you on your journey. By understanding how your mind works, you can learn how to increase your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Why Glow Up?

So, now the question arises why does one need to glow up? What's the purpose?

Here are some points:

  • To feel healthier
  • To boost your confidence
  • To be more focused on your goals
  • To feel more happy and alive

How To Glow Up

I've noticed that many people strive to glow up not because they truly want to do it for themselves but because they want to fit into societal beauty standards or get "revenge" on a specific person. 

This is different from what glowing up should be about. Glowing up should focus more on loving who you are, not physical beauty. You will truly be satisfied with your new look once you love yourself first. You must fall in love with yourself to treasure your new life and appearance.

Now, the question is, "how can you fall in love with yourself ?"

1. Be kind to yourself : 

First, be kind to yourself. Don't pressure yourself with others' comments. You don't need others' validation for yourself; everyone is unique in their own way. Give yourself permission to be human, have realistic standards, and have positive self-talk. Also, sometimes we can get caught up in our heads and forget to be kind to ourselves. When this happens, our inner critic starts to run the show, and we start to feel like failures. Instead of listening to that voice, realize it's just a thought and remind yourself of the good things you've accomplished. That way, you're not only kinder to yourself but also set yourself up for success! 

We all have an inner critic, some version of "you're not good enough" or "you'll never learn to do it right," that tells us we're incapable of being or doing something. This critical voice can be toxic, keeping us stuck and preventing us from progressing. But this inner critic is a real voice, and we often shut it off instead of listening. The voice of kindness encourages us to keep trying and keep going when we feel like giving up. 

2. Practice self-care :

Treat yourself kindly, both emotionally and physically. Establish self-care habits like eating healthy, working out at least 3 times a week, and having a spa night every weekend.

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3. Adjust your physical state:

Straighten your spine, raise your head high, smile (scientifically proven to boost your mood), and walk like you own the world because you do.

4. Meditate :

Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily; you will feel good all day. Get to know yourself deeper - your processes, personality, and goals.

When you meditate, you are letting go of the past and the future and becoming fully present for a little while, at least. You stop thinking about what you are doing and focus on the here and now. This allows you to become more present with what is happening right now. When you stop thinking about the past, and the future, for a moment, you focus on what needs to be done now, and you stop getting distracted by things that are not important.

It is believed that meditation contributes to a sense of physical well-being. Meditation can lower blood pressure, improve heart health and reduce stress.

5. Have an abundance mindset : 

Be grateful for even the small things that surround you in your life, and focus on the good in situations where it makes sense instead of focusing on the negative.

To change your mindset to an abundance mindset. You have to go through the process of creating the life you really want. That means you need to have a clear vision of where you want to go and where you want to be at the end of your journey. This is a journey of a lifetime. You need to research to find out what it is that you want to create and understand what your vision of success looks like. 

If you want to know how to create the life you want, you can read this article: "How to create the life you want in 1 year."

6. Take a break from social media : 

Yes, if you spend too much time on social media and constantly feel like comparing yourself to others or make it a habit to consume the information you already know, it's time to take a break. Social media is a bunch of subliminal messages, so once you take a break from social media, you may feel your thoughts change; those are the thoughts of the real you.

It's easy to feel pressure to be everywhere at once, disappointed if you aren't, and guilty if you are. You may miss out if you can't be on every platform or have the perfect posts on all networks. But the problem is that we use social media as a way to stay connected with the people we care about and as a way to feel important. We forget that we're just people and don't need any of it. 

We live in a time when any time we spend on social media is time we aren't spending on anything else. So, if you've never gotten up from your computer at the end of the day or never taken a break from your phone, you're missing out.

How to Glow Up before school

How to glow up before school

I am going to share some tips or a challenge. Yes, it is like a seven-day challenge you can try before school starts.

                      14 tips to get clear and glowing skin.

Things to do every day:

1. Drink 3-4 bottles of water.

2. Get 7- 10 hours of sleep.

3. Stretch for 5- 10 minutes in the morning and at night.

4. Do your skincare routine.

5. Have good hygiene.

6. Moisturize daily.

7. Eat fruits and vegetables.

8. Don't use your phone before sleep.

9. Mediate before you sleep.

Monday :

1. Set goals for the new semester.

2. Plan a school supplies check.

3. Do a face mask.

4. Try a new hairstyle.

5. Take a long shower.

6. Apologies to someone you hurt.

Tuesday : 

1. If you can, go shopping for school outfits.

2. Avoid going on your too often.

3. Make a DIY body scrub or lip scrub.

4. Read a short book.

5. Experiment with back-to-school hairstyles.

6. Spend some time with someone you are close to.

Wednesday : 

1. Exercise for 20 minutes in the morning.

2. Listen to the playlist.

3. Do a hair mask. 

4. Clean your makeup tools.

5. No sugar drinks.

6. Make a smoothie bowl.

Thursday : 

1. Work on cutting out toxic aspects of your life. 

2. Go for a run.

3. Reorganize your room, phone, school supplies, etc.

4. Apply coconut oil to your brows and lashes.

5. Eat a healthy meal.

6. Do a face mask.

Friday :

1. Start writing down your thoughts.

2. Go outside and admire nature.
3. Watch your favorite movie.

4. Do a beauty routine.

5. Take a warm shower.

6. Play a board game with your family.

Saturday : 

1. Get all your homework or revision done.

2. Eat a full breakfast and some fruit.

3. Wear a new outfit.

4. Hang out with your friends.

5. Tell someone you love them.

6. Shave ( if you want to)

Sunday : 

1. Eat something you like.

2. Go outside and take a walk. 

3. Watch a show you enjoy.

4. Prepare for the next day.

5. Do what you like. 

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Conclusion :

In this article, I have told you what it is to glow up and why someone needs to glow up mentally and physically. It is very important to take care of your body as well as your mental health. 

I hope you liked this post.

Feel free to share your opinions.

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