Top 9 Simple Habits to Live a Healthy Life.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

What are habits?

To live a healthy and happy life, we have to create some healthy habits for ourselves. It's very important to have some healthy habits to become a better version of yourself. Habits define our perspective of life. Habits are generally small actions that you take. If you are taking good actions and making good decisions, then your life will be good, otherwise not. 

Habits are the actions we repeat over and over again in the same location, such as brushing our teeth, taking a shower, putting on socks, and making a cup of tea. We do them in the same order every day. Habits can be good or bad, depending on how frequently and in what order they are repeated, as well as how often the person does them. 

Your habits define the reality of your life. Your habits will decide if you are going to become successful or not. Your habits decide your happiness. These all are the result of habits. 

How to form a habit?

You have to become really consistent in order to form a habit. Generally, it takes 21 days to form a habit. You have to be motivated and dedicated I'd you want to form a good habit of yourself. One interesting way to think of habits is as behavioral routines. These routines are formed over time and become a part of the person’s personality. It is the repetition itself that is important, not the outcome. 

This has been shown in research studies in which patients are placed in a brain-damaged state and then given a reward when they reach for the same box over and over again in the same order. Studies have shown that habits can be broken by changing the context. In other words, if you do a particular thing for a long time, and then make a small change in your environment, the change will take effect. 

These are some tips that you can use to make a good habit for yourself : 

1. Start small

Always start from something small, it can become overwhelming for you if you start doing something big. So, it is great advice to form a good habit that you can start from small. Consistency is the key of form a good habit. It can be very helpful if you start from small so that you will have the motivation to do things. The key to forming a habit is to start small by trying to implement a daily practice for a few days. When you do this, it is difficult to break the chain of forming a habit. You can do this by starting with new behavior, such as going to the gym or brushing your teeth.  

2. Break your habit into parts

Suppose, you want to form a habit of doing 50 sit-ups daily. You can break it down into smaller parts like 25 in the first round and 25 in the next round. This way, you will have the energy and motivation to perform your task and you can easily be consistent. There are many ways to break a habit, but you can break it into parts. It will be easier for you if you break the habits into parts before. For example, if you eat chocolate, then you can say, "I will eat one piece of chocolate in the morning. Then I will eat one piece of chocolate in the afternoon, after lunch, and before dinner."

3. Show some patience

It can become overwhelming for you if you are not seeing any progress in your work. Don't be demotivated at that point. You have to be really patient in order to make some progress. If you are making mistakes, learn from them. If you do things consistently, progress will come naturally to you. Our brain’s habit of forming a habit is formed through repeated experiences. 

Therefore, the more we repeat a behavior, the more likely we are to repeat the same behavior.  There are four different qualities that help determine whether or not a person will form a habit.  These include the degree to which a person likes a behavior, the ease with which a person can perform a behavior, the amount of time a person spends performing the behavior, and the ease with which a person can make the behavior automatic.

How to live a healthy life. Good habits

Simple habits to live a happy life

1. Smile

What's the best way to be happy? Obviously, smile. So, make a habit of smiling. Smiling is the best way to be happy. Here, I am talking about a genuine smile, not a fake one. Practice smile. You can make anyone's day by just smiling at them. Smile is the best habit for you to have a happy lifestyle. Smiling helps people feel good. Smiling makes people feel happier and more optimistic, and it can even induce physical changes in your brain. 

In a study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, researchers found that people who smiled while undergoing MRI scans were more likely to report experiencing positive emotions and less likely to report experiencing negative emotions. In addition, people who exhibited more spontaneous positive facial expressions reported lower levels of anxiety and stress.

2. Exercise

Exercise is not only for the body but also for your mental health. A healthy body is a way to a happy life. It is very important to move your body in order to get fit. It's not necessary that you start to do all the heavy exercises, you can start from the simple ones as long as you are moving your body. Start from small after that you can go with intense exercises. 

You can also go for a walk in the morning or evening, anytime you like. 

3. Meditate

This is another habit that you can form to live a happy life. Meditation can help you to know yourself better on a deeper level. Try to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes at least. Meditation can also help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Meditation can provide you with a feeling of calm, and peace which is very helpful for your body as well as for mental health. You can live a healthy and happy life if you practice meditation on a daily basis. 

4. Journaling

Journaling is the process of writing your thoughts and feelings in a notebook or diary. This is another way to get to know yourself better on a deeper level. You can keep track of your thoughts by writing in a journal. 

It enhances your memory and further develops your learning ability. You can also keep track of your progress with the help of Journaling. This is the best habit to form for yourself. 

5. Reading

Reading helps to increase your knowledge. Research shows that all successful people love to read books. By reading, you can increase your knowledge in different areas of life. Reading 30 minutes a day can be very helpful to enhance your knowledge and become a better version of yourself. Reading is an important skill that improves cognitive skills for a variety of reasons. First, reading requires the use of a large set of skills, such as fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. The more skills one has, the easier it is to complete a skill set.  

6. Planning

You are most likely to achieve your goals when you make a plan. Planning helps you to achieve your goals much faster. You should make planning your habit for a healthy and happy life. Planning helps you to get more focused in your life and you are most likely to achieve your goals. 

7. Water consumption

Drinking water is very important for a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. Make a healthy of drinking enough water for yourself. Drinking water helps you to keep hydrated. Drinking enough water is also good for healthy and glowing skin.

8. Compliment yourself

Self-love is most important. You don't have to seek validation for the things you want to do. Self-love simply means taking proper care of yourself and taking care of the things you need.

There are many people who love to self-depreciate themselves. What you think about yourself is what you are. Everything depends on your thoughts.

You can try some of these things to love yourself.

a) Try affirmations

Affirmation is simply a line that you repeat to yourself again and again.

b) Spend quality time

Spend some quality time with yourself. For example: Plan a dinner for yourself, go to a spa. You can also go for a haircut, depends on you. 

9. Learn to say no

Do you easily say 'yes' to people and then regret it later? It is essential to have the option to say no. Saying no assists you to maintain boundaries and other people will have a proper understanding of what they can expect from you. The more you continue to say yes, the more they are going to expect from you. It is a very good habit for you to have. Don't be a people pleaser, say no when you don't want to do something. 

Final thoughts

Habits are a great part of your life. Your habits determine your life. Your habits create your character, so it is very important to have some healthy habits. 

I hope you liked this. 

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