11 Best Ways to be productive when you don't feel like it.

Friday 25 February 2022

You have probably come here because you felt a lack of motivation recently. I have been there when I don't feel motivated at all. It is human nature to postpone things once in a while.

Being productive requires some effort but it doesn't mean you have to put a lot of energy and do a lot of physical work. It only requires some patience and consistency. Once you start doing things, you will start taking more and more interest.

How to be productive during boredom

Tips to be more productive

1. Make your bed

The first productive thing that you can do is make your bed. I know this is a very common piece of advice but it can be really motivating when you complete a single task, no matter how small it is.

2. Make a plan

In my opinion, motivation is personal. One thing can motivate a person but not the other. You have to play around with different strategies to know what works best for you. The one thing that always motivates me is making a plan for myself. Make a plan of all the things that you need to get done the next day. 

By making a plan, you will feel motivated to do the work because you know what tasks you need to get done. Make sure not to over-plan things. A simple to-do list can do the work.

3. Pay attention to self-talk

When you set tension on yourself to finish stuff when you're definitely not feeling it, your pessimistic self-talk can go through the rooftop. If you say negative things about yourself like, "I am not able to do this", or " I don't know how to do this", you are making things difficult for yourself. 

If you consistently say negative things about yourself, your mind will accept it and act accordingly. So, you need to pay attention to your self-talk. There is no need to self-depreciate yourself because no one is perfect in this world. You are only making things worse by saying things negatively. 

4. Break your task into small parts

Attempting a big task or a hard task when you are feeling demotivated can discourage you. You will feel more demotivated when you're not able to finish a particular work. To make it simple, you can break your big task into smaller parts and complete them. You will feel motivated when you finish a task, no matter how small it is. This is one of my favorite thing to do when I don't feel motivated to do work. I am sure this will help you too. Just give it a try. Good luck!

5. Reward yourself

At the point when all else falls flat, try to reward yourself when you finish a particular task. It can be really motivating to you because you know you will get something when you finish your work. A reward can be anything you like, it can be a cup of coffee, a video call with your friends, or any other thing that you like. It totally depends on you. Bribing yourself can do wonders.

Try this trick and let me know if this works for you. 

6. Set a time limit

Feeling demotivated is fine because we are human beings. If you are feeling demotivated, try to set a timer and see what can you complete in that given time. Stay away from your phone, it can make you distracted. Keep all the materials in front of yourself and set a timer of 30 minutes. 

Try from a small time so that you can be productive for at least 30 minutes. You will feel much better when you do something for 30 minutes and that will encourage you further to do more tasks. After 30 minutes, take a quick break and start the whole process again. This trick will boost your productivity to another level. 

how to be productive when bored

7. Don't be perfect

We all know nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has flaws and it's okay not to be perfect. Perfection kills more dreams. We can be good at something, but perfection is never possible especially if you think that way. You have to appreciate yourself and your talents. Do not think too much about perfection.

When you are feeling demotivated to be productive, try to do things imperfectly. There is no need for perfection as long as you are trying to do it. Instead of thinking too much about why you can't be good at something, think of the best ways to improve because you want to, not because you want to be perfect. If you continue to see mistakes and imperfections as a bad thing, you will never be happy with whatever results you will come up no matter how beautiful they are.

8. Practice meditation

Practicing meditation regularly will reduce stress and make you more disciplined in your life. The biggest benefit of meditation is a peaceful mind. By meditation, you can go deep inside of anything, in any situation and when you go deep inside of any situation, you found a thousand ways to get rid of it in case of a problem. It is like meditation helps you to understand things better, deeper, and clear. 

Meditation can have millions of benefits, it depends on how you want to take benefit from it. Meditation might be a challenging task but it can be really effective when you know how to focus on your breathing and thoughts. You can concentrate more after meditation because meditation makes you feel good.

9. Remember your 'why'

The next thing that you can do to change your feeling of being unmotivated is to think about why you are doing this. Remember about your dreams and what you want to accomplish. Thinking about your dreams is one of the best ways to get motivated and keep going to chase your dreams. 

It can be very helpful when you start thinking that why you need to get done. It will automatically give you the feeling of keeping going and you can be productive. Knowing you're 'why' is very important for yourself because of helps you to get going. It will define the actions and decisions of your life. Those people who know their 'why' are the most successful and unstoppable. 

They know what they want to achieve in their lives and they hustle for it. When you are also able to know your 'why', you will also start doing things without making any excuses because you know what you want and where you want to be. 

It is very simple, take out some time for yourself and try to find your purpose for the task, that purpose will give you instant motivation to finish the task. 

10. Hype yourself up

Do you really want to be productive and get things done? If yes, then hype yourself up. Get up and start doing things instead of complaining about your feelings. Complaining is not the solution to being unproductive. By complaining, you are only wasting your precious time. If you are not a loser, then why are you complaining?

There are some ways by which you can hype yourself up : 

a) Go for a walk

Being surrounded by nature is very peaceful. If you are feeling demotivated, fresh air can help you. 

b) Listen to music

If you are a music lover just like me, you can go for this one. Listen to your favorite music that makes you feel motivated.

c) Call a friend

Talk to a friend who makes you feel good. Tell them about your feelings and I am sure they will give you the best piece of advice that exists. 

d) Remember your achievements

You can't function properly if you are having distractions. The biggest distraction can be your phone, make sure to put your phone on silent so that you can do your work peacefully. Checking phones constantly, and replying to messages are just some examples of distractions. It is very important to eliminate these distractions for you to perform your tasks with more attention.

Be focused on your work. It is very easy to get distracted from whatever you are focusing on. Being focused on the given task can save you a lot of time and you can have fun after you finish the task. 

11. Don't force yourself

Lastly, I just want to say that you do not need to force yourself when you do not feel like it. Give yourself a break for some time, there is a time when relaxing is the best option to do. Forcing yourself in doing things will only lead to mistakes and that will demotivate you further. You will feel more frustrated when you will not be able to perform the task. 


There is no single person in this world who doesn't feel demotivated at some point in his life and it's completely fine because we all are human beings. 

I hope you liked these tips that I have discussed to be productive when you feel demotivated. 

The points discussed are : 

1. Make your bed.
2. Make a plan.
3. Pay attention to self-talk.
4. Break your tasks into small parts.
5. Reward yourself.
6. Set a time limit.
7. Don't be perfect.
8. Practice meditation.
9. Remember your 'why'.
10. Hype yourself up.
11. Don't force yourself.

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