40 Best Productive Things To Do When You Are Bored.

Saturday 15 January 2022

Productivity is a funny word. It means so many different things to different people. But when I think about the most productive people I know, the ones who always seem to be getting things done, the ones who never seem to be stuck, the ones who can accomplish the most in the least amount of time, the ones who can keep up with their hectic schedules and still have time to help others, the ones who can get things done without feeling like they're wasting time waiting around for other people to finish what they're doing, the ones who can get a lot more done in a day than others who are crammed into their day but feel like they haven't accomplished anything. We often get bored easily and can't decide what to do in our free time. We either waste our time scrolling social media or chatting with someone. 

When we get bored, it will be good if we do something productive or something that gives value to our day instead of unnecessary scrolling.

The first step to being more productive is to identify what needs to get done. The trick is to identify the big picture tasks that will require focus and effort but aren't urgent. This will give you the motivation you need to break free from distractions of the urgent and get some important work done. It will also help you maintain focus when you can't get away from your distractions. 

Another step to becoming more productive is to recognize when you're being lazy. You know that feeling of not wanting to do anything? That might not be the best indicator of your productivity level. Instead, pay attention to the little things like the minutes that you spend browsing Facebook and the hours that you waste watching Netflix.

Use Pomodoro Technique :

The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity method originally developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1990s. It is a process for concentrating intensively on a task for 25 minutes bursts, followed by short breaks. This is a useful way to help you get productive and achieve goals. The method is highly motivating because it is easy to measure progress and achieve productivity, as well as it is easy to break your work into short bursts which is a benefit for anyone with a lot of other priorities, as well as it is easy to manage using the Pomodoro app.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 40 productive things that you can do in your free time or when you are getting bored.

In the end, being productive is better than being lazy. 

Now, let's check out some productive things that you can do when you are getting bored.

Productive things to do when bored

40 Best Productive Things To Do When Bored

1. Cook for yourself: Cook something for yourself that you like.

2. Try affirmations: Repeat out your favorite positive affirmations that make you feel good and energetic.

3. Read Comics: Having a fun time is nothing wrong. You can also read online, there are many options available and many apps available out there on the internet.

4. Watch a funny YouTube video: This also comes under the category of having some fun. You can watch some cute videos or maybe stand-up videos if you just want to laugh.

5. Organize your e-mails: Delete the spam and unnecessary e-mails that are of no use to you.

6. Organize your wardrobe: It's a very productive thing to do when you are getting bored. This will also help you stay organized.

7. Do skincare: Taking care of yourself is very productive. Do a skincare routine and your skin will thank you.

8. Look at Pinterest for ideas: Scroll through Pinterest for some amazing ideas and not for unnecessary things. You can look for your favorite food or you can take inspiration for your style.

9. Learn a new language: It is really a very productive thing to do. You are learning a new language in your free time. 

10. Listen to podcasts: Listen to podcasts according to your genre.

11. Make a playlist: So, it is a very fun thing to do. Make a playlist for yourself and listen to it.

12. Go for a walk: Spend some time in the nature is very good for your health.

13. Do journaling: Journaling is the best way to release all your stress and feel motivated and good about yourself. Journaling is a practice to help one write down their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. For some people, it is a way to explore their thoughts and feelings, and for other people, it can help them discover their path in life. For example, if someone was writing about their life up until they were and wants to discover their path in life now, they could write down notes about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings and how they feel about what they have learned. 

14. Create a vision board: Create a vision board of your desires. Pinterest is the best place to look for ideas and pictures.

15. Learn a new skill: Use your free time for something useful and learn a new skill that gives some value to your resume.

16. Exercise: Use your free time to build your health. Do some exercise and try to do it on a daily basis to see better results.

How to do exercise

17. Write a handwritten letter: Write a letter to your loved one and express your feelings. 

18. Meditate: Meditation can be very helpful for releasing stress and boredom. Just give it a try. Meditation is a particular form of mental exercise, usually involving the repetition of words or phrases, with the aim of developing concentration, awareness, or insight into one\'s internal mental states. It has been practiced since prehistory and is found in many religions, philosophies, and cultures. It is also considered a key component of many alternative therapies. 

19. Video conference with your loved one: It is a way to show your loved one some affection. Show them how much you love them by calling them.

20. Take an online class: There are many online courses available for you to enroll in right now. Just enroll yourself in your interested field.

21. Read the newspaper: It is very important to keep yourself updated with your surroundings. You can also read it online.

22. Plan your next day: Plan out your next day. Make a to-do list of what you have to get done the next day.

23. Solve a Sudoku: Solving sudoku can increase your thinking power and it is very fun to do.

24. Listen to music: This point is self-explanatory. Play your favorite music and listen.

25. Dance: Dance like no one is watching you. Play your favorite dance song and start dancing.

26. Create a weekly meal plan: Make a plan of your weekly meals when you are getting bored. 

27. Find a new wallpaper for your phone: You can use Pinterest or Canva for a ton of inspiration and aesthetic wallpapers.

28. Learn a new make-up technique: Use your free time for something productive. Learn something new that can be useful. Watch YouTube tutorials on how to do make-up.

29. Practice speaking in front of mirror: If you are someone who went all blank when it comes to talking to people, then practice it out in front of the mirror. Assume you are talking to a stranger and start talking.

30. Research your dream career: Get knowledge about your dream career.

31. Write a letter to your future self: Get in touch with your feelings and write in the paper about what will you become in the near future.

32. Go to your friend's house: Spend some time with your friends. 

33. Watch a TED talk: We all can agree that there are many TED talks that are very inspiring. So, watching a TED talk can be a very great use of time.

34. Organize your workspace: You will be much more productive if you are having an organized workspace and it will give you the motivation to do work.

35. Organize your photos: I can bet everyone's gallery have filled with unnecessary photos. If you got some free time, why not use it for something useful? Delete unnecessary photos and make different folders according to your requirements.

36. Make a gratitude list: Make a list of all those things that you are grateful for. Grateful people have better relationships, better luck, and experience less stress.

37. Sell an unused item on E-bay: Sell all those items on E-bay that you don't use.

38. Write a letter to the universe: Write a letter to the universe related to your desire as you are already having it and say thank you.

39. Write down your wildest dreams: Write about your wildest dreams that you really want to experience.

40. Learn a new word: It will enhance your vocabulary. Use your free time in learning a new word that can be very useful.

So, here are these 40 productive things that you can do when you are getting bored or when you have free time.

Choose any of these 40 things and give it a try.

I hope you liked this post.

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