3 Habits to Increase Your Creativity

Friday 11 August 2023

Welcome to our blog where I'll explore three simple yet powerful habits that can supercharge your creativity. Whether you're an artist, a writer, a problem solver, or simply someone looking to infuse more innovation into your daily life, these habits are here to help. 

In this post, I'll dive into the world of creativity and uncover how entering the flow state, adopting a creative ritual, and embracing limitations can open the door to a world of new ideas and imaginative thinking. Let's embark on this journey to enhance your creativity and discover the magic that lies within these habits.

3 Habits to Increase Your Creativity

Habit 1: Enter the Flow State

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that time seemed to fly by? That's the flow state – a mental state where you're fully immersed and focused on what you're doing. This state of deep concentration isn't just a zone for athletes; it's a creativity booster too!

Imagine you're a painter lost in your art, the brushstrokes flowing effortlessly. Or a writer typing away as the words pour onto the page. When you're in the flow state, your creativity thrives. Research shows that being in this zone enhances your problem-solving skills, artistic expression, and overall imaginative thinking.

Enter the State Flow

How can you tap into the flow state? 

One way is by eliminating distractions. Find a quiet space, turn off notifications, and create an environment that lets you dive into your task. Setting clear goals and challenges also helps. If you're writing, set a goal to complete a certain number of words, and if you're brainstorming, challenge yourself to come up with a specific number of ideas.

Passion is a powerful catalyst for entering the flow state. Engage in activities that genuinely interest you. If you're passionate about photography, grab your camera and start shooting. If cooking ignites your excitement, experiment with new recipes. The key is to lose yourself in what you love.

Remember, the flow state isn't an on-off switch; it's a spectrum. You can start by dedicating short bursts of time to focused work. With practice, you'll find it easier to slip into this immersive state and witness how it sparks your creativity.

So, whether you're a student tackling math problems or a designer working on a project, the flow state is your creative ally. Embrace it, and watch your innovative ideas flow effortlessly.

Habit 2: Have a Ritual

Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee, a cozy corner, and a notebook. This simple routine is more than just a morning ritual; it's a powerful tool to ignite your creative spark. Creative rituals, like this one, can significantly enhance your creative thinking and productivity.

A creative ritual is a sequence of actions that signal your brain it's time to get into a creative mode. It's like a warm-up before a workout, but for your brain. When you consistently follow a ritual before diving into your creative tasks, your mind learns to shift gears more efficiently.

Consider renowned author Maya Angelou. She famously rented a small hotel room where she would go to write every day. This physical space became her creative sanctuary, a space solely dedicated to her craft. You too can create a similar ritual. It might be a specific playlist you listen to, a particular scent you diffuse, or a comfortable chair that signals your brain it's time to create.

Have a Ritual

Another aspect of creative rituals is setting intentions. Before you begin your creative work, take a moment to set an intention. What do you want to achieve? What feeling or message do you want your creation to convey? By setting a clear intention, you're directing your creative energy towards a specific goal.

Creative rituals aren't confined to specific times of the day. They can also be pre-creative rituals. Imagine a graphic designer arranging their tools and references before starting a project. This simple act of preparation signals their brain that it's time to get into a creative mindset.

Incorporating reflective practices into your routine can also boost your creativity. Journaling about your creative process, thoughts, and insights can help you gain clarity and identify patterns that fuel your imagination.

So, whether you're a student, an entrepreneur, or an aspiring artist, having a creative ritual can be your secret sauce for enhanced creativity. By consistently priming your mind with these intentional actions, you're setting the stage for your imagination to flourish and your creative endeavors to thrive.

Habit 3: Use Limitations

Have you ever noticed how creativity seems to thrive when faced with constraints? It might seem counterintuitive, but limitations can actually fuel your imagination and lead to groundbreaking ideas. Let's explore how embracing limitations can take your creativity to new heights.

Think about Twitter's character limit. With just 280 characters, users have to express their thoughts concisely, sparking creativity in crafting impactful messages. Similarly, the popular game Pictionary imposes the constraint of drawing without using any words, leading to hilarious and inventive interpretations.

Time constraints are another form of limitation that can supercharge creativity. Imagine a brainstorming session where you have only five minutes to generate ideas. The pressure pushes your mind to think outside the box and come up with unconventional solutions.

Embrace the Power of Limitations

Limited resources can also drive creativity. Consider the story of the iconic film "Mad Max: Fury Road." Due to budget constraints, the filmmakers had to rely on practical effects and creative solutions, resulting in a visually stunning and innovative movie.

Applying different perspectives to limitations is key. Instead of seeing them as roadblocks, view them as creative challenges. If you're a writer struggling with a word limit, use it as an opportunity to refine your message. If you're a designer working with a limited color palette, explore unique combinations that stand out.

Constraints encourage you to prioritize and make deliberate choices, leading to a more focused and inventive creative process. They push you to break free from your comfort zone and explore uncharted territory.

So, whether you're a marketer, a musician, or a problem solver, remember that limitations are your allies in the journey of creativity. Embrace them, and witness how they propel your innovative thinking to unprecedented levels, helping you create work that truly stands out.


In a world craving innovation and fresh ideas, cultivating your creativity has never been more important. By incorporating three simple habits into your daily routine, you can unlock a world of imaginative possibilities and elevate your creative game.

Entering the flow state, where time seems to vanish as you immerse yourself in your craft, allows your creativity to flourish. Having a creative ritual, whether it's a soothing cup of tea or a favorite playlist, primes your mind for imaginative thinking. Embracing limitations, rather than seeing them as obstacles, becomes a catalyst for innovative solutions and novel perspectives.

As you embark on this journey to enhance your creativity, remember that these habits are not just reserved for artists or designers. They're tools that anyone, from students to entrepreneurs, can wield to transform their approach to problem-solving and idea generation.

Incorporating these habits into your daily routine may require practice, but the results will undoubtedly be worth it. The ability to think creatively and come up with unique solutions is a skill that can set you apart in any endeavor you pursue.

So, whether you're brainstorming a business strategy, composing a piece of music, or simply looking to infuse more creativity into your everyday life, these habits are your companions on the path to unlocking your full creative potential. Embrace them, nurture them, and watch as your creativity blossoms in ways you never thought possible. Get ready to captivate the world with your innovative ideas and unleash the creative genius within you.

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